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Ibogaine Treatment - SEO Case Study

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Addiction is a big problem out there and ibogaine is a miraculous medicine for treating addictions. It is not legal in Ireland unfortunately due to lack of legislation yet. People from Ireland can come to Spain though for retreats and so they do. Due to this innovative idea SEO Company Dublin had a challenge as ibogaine treatment is something very unique. We wanted clients from all over the world and especially from Europe. This was a second challenge for SEO Company Dublin as we wanted not only Ireland but entire Europe or even world…

The Challenge & Strategy

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The challenge with ibogainetreatment.eu was that the market difficulty was quite high. We also had to start from scratch. We had to learn about ibogaine etc to be able to design website and write articles.

We started ibogainetreatment.eu from scratch in June 2016. Now, in August 2018 it is the highest ranked ibogaine treatment related website in Europe and number 15 in United States.

The Results

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Our 1 year long work result in steady stream of 600-800 targeted visitors per month. Current conversion rate: visitor to email = 4%. therefore they receive between 24-32 email/phone enquires per month. From those approx 20% become their customers.

1 client is worth €2100 gross profit.
Ibogaine treatment online starting point in June 2016 = 0 clients
Monthly extra gross profit from online in August 2017: €10500-€12600

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