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Looking for reliable SEO Analyst? to start off it is always good idea to do basic SEO analysis which we will do for you for FREE. This way we will see where are you at with your online marketing. We can then estimate market difficulty and how much campaign with us would cost you. Next step is to find out whether you can get a solid return on investment.

We will never start any campaign until we know you will be on plus at the end of it. Therefore good analysis are vital for successful online marketing campaign.

Our SEO Analyst will ask you a series of questions about your business. Then we will examine your current online position. Basically we will find out where you are at currently and what will it take to get your business where you want. We will make precise plan with SEO package that will suit your business needs and be affordable at the same time.

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    Case Study - Ibogaine Treatment

    We Did: Research, Website Design, SEO, Online Marketing, Conversion Optimisation
    free seo analysis

    We started ibogainetreatment.eu from scratch in June 2016. Now, in August 2018 it is the highest ibogaine treatment related website in Europe and number 15 in United States. Our 1 year long work result in steady stream of 600-800 targeted visitors per month. Current conversion rate: visitor to email = 4%. therefore they receive between 24-32 email/phone enquires per month. From those approx 20% become their customers.

    1 client is worth €2100 gross profit.

    Ibogaine treatment online starting point in June 2016 = 0 clients

    Monthly extra gross profit from online in August 2017: €10500-€12600 

    • marcin jernas

      “SEO Company Dublin created online marketing machine which gave us phone calls on daily basis with request for our IT services at Green Letterbox. This is the best kind of marketing that ever existed. All you do is pick up the phone and sell your product or service.”


      Marcin Jernas, CEO at Greenletterbox.com

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    Research & Website

    In-depth research is the first, most important step. Second is website. This way you are waaay ahead of competition! Package suitable for someone who want to do SEO by themselves or have little budget.

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    Website & Marketing

    This is bespoke & the best seo package which includes: in-depth market research, website design, content, on and off-page SEO, social media, backlinks and everything else needed to make sure you get great return on investment

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    Online Marketing

    If you have a good website this package is best for you. Includes: On & Off Page SEO, Social Media and whatever else needed in order to give your great return on investment.

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